The Tuolumne County Active Transportation Plan

A plan to make our communities more walkable, bikeable, & transit friendly


The Tuolumne County Active Transportation Plan supports efforts to increase walking, bicycling and access to public transit. The goal of the Project is to improve opportunities to fund non-motorized transportation, create inter-connectivity between communities and access to public transportation within the Tuolumne County Transit service area. The focus of the ATP will be within the defined communities of Jamestown, Groveland, Sonora, Columbia, Tuolumne, East Sonora, and Twain Harte. The Plan will identify existing and potential key connector routes between the communities as well as linkages with public transit stops. The final document will identify projects, both short and long term, along with a prioritized list of projects which will compete best for State and Federal funds as well as a list of projects that could be included in sub area/regional traffic impact fee programs.

The Active Transportation Plan is being developed by the Tuolumne County Transportation Council with funding through the Caltrans Sustainable Communities Grant. The Sustainable Communities Grant funds local and regional multi-modal transportation planning projects. Each of these projects further the goals stated in the Regional Transportation Plan / Sustainable Communities Strategy, contribute to the State’s greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets, and assists in achieving the Caltran’s Mission and Grant Program Overarching Objectives.

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Tuolumne County is a great place to live, work and recreate. As with all communities, it is in continuous pursuit of enhancing what it does well and improving on areas important to the health and connectedness of its citizens.


Creating a connection between healthy, active living and transportation choices

According the the American Community Survey, 85.8 percent of Tuolumne County residents drove to work alone while 9.1 percent carpooled, 2.6 percent walked, 1.9 percent biked, and 0.6 percent took public transportation in 2017. The Active Transportation Plan aims to improve the health and quality of life in Tuolumne County by making walking, biking, and public transit a key component of daily life.

The following strategies will help achieve these goals:

  • Create a Safe Routes to School Program to encourage walking and biking to school: infrastructure improvements, enforcement, safety education, incentives

  • Improve connectivity between public transportation, bicycling, and walking

  • Identify gaps and safety issues within the current bicycle and pedestrian networks

  • Fill gaps between sidewalks, trails, and bike lanes

  • Identify existing and future infrastructure / programs that encourage people to walk and bike and keep them safe  



Transportation Equity

Meets the needs of the transportation disadvantaged, including youths, elderly, persons with disabilities, and the economically disadvantaged

Growth Management

Supports and promotes infill development while reducing urban sprawl


Improves access to employment centers, recreation areas, public facilities, schools, and public transit centers


Additional road widths and turn lanes, realignments, shoulder improvements, bridge improvements, hazard elimination, and hazard control devices maximize safety on accident-prone road segments and intersections

Benefits of Investing in Active Transportation Infrastructure



Diabetes, Heart disease, Arthritis, Obesity, Cancer


Social interaction, Energy level, Muscle tone, Endurance, Flexibility


Tension, Body fat levels, Anxiety, Depression, Emissions

Benefits of Active Transportation


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